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Article Index
for your TMA Library

The purpose of this index is to help you find articles in your collection of magazines from
1990 through the Aug./Sept. 2015 issue

If you are new to The Mountain Astrologer and you want copies of the articles listed here, they can be purchase by ordering Back Issues. (Most issues published before 2001 are out of print.)

Sort by: AUTHOR | SUBJECT | ISSUE DATE (1990 through Aug./Sept. 2015)

(through the April/May 2014 issue; to be updated soon)

There are over 2,300 items listed here: articles, interviews, reviews, and even some of the humor features. This index is pre-sorted by author, by subject, and by issue date, with a downloadable, printable Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf file for each. There is also a file containing 115 interviews that we have printed since February 1990 — the magazine started as an 8-page newsletter in late 1987, and the first 13 issues are not included in this index — and a file for the charts from the magazine from October 1995 through AprilMay 2014. This Book Review index lists 552 books reviewed in TMA from 1992 through the April/May 2014 issue.
Once you have downloaded these files, you can search for keywords within Acrobat Reader, using the "Find" function. For example, search for Pluto, without checking the box "Match Whole Word Only," and you will find each instance of the words Pluto, Plutonian, Plutonic, Mars-Pluto, etc., appearing anywhere in the index.


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