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Posted December 2003

Mars at the Aries Point
by Mary Plumb

After six months of travel through the meandering waters of Pisces, Mars enters Aries on December 16. The sensitive point of 0° Aries in the tropical zodiac has been known, since the time of the ancient Greeks, as the the point of the vernal equinox and beginning of the zodiacal year. Later, in the Uranian system developed by Alfred Witte (1878-1941), the Aries Point was considered to be one of the important horoscopic points for determining relationships (along with the Moon's Nodes and Ascendant). In Uranian astrology, the Aries Point (the node of the Sun) is seen as our relationship to the general public and as a point where we can make an impact on the world. Mars crossing this point stimulates energetic new beginnings that can be understood more specifically in individual cases through a study of other planetary influences.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair (see chart 1) has the natal Sun at 15°22' Taurus, which is on the Aries Point (by virtue of being 45° from 0° Aries). [1] The MC/AS (Midheaven/Ascendant) midpoint – important in the Uranian system – represents "that point where our being and becoming interact, where what we aspire to become meets the way we are in the world." [2] Mr. Blair's natal MC/AS is also at 0° Aries. At this time, his solar arc directed Moon is 0°02' Aries. (see chart 2) Blair was hospitalized for a "heart scare" on October 19, 2003; his solar arc Moon was then at 29°54' Pisces. Political observers are aware of Mr. Blair's vulnerability to criticism about the issue of weapons of mass destruction; [3] I think that he is also vulnerable in the area of his health.

Another story that possibly involves the Aries Point is Al Gore's endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean on December 9, 2003. Although there is no verification yet of Dean's birth time, [4] the purported time of 7:21 p.m. leads to an interesting discovery: In the composite (see chart 3)of both men's progressed charts, the progressed Moon moves to 0°00' Aries on December 14, a few days before the Mars ingress. [5] With Gore's endorsement, Dean now leads the pack of Democratic contenders; we may be seeing a hint of the power of the Aries Point in action.

A preliminary look at the capture of Saddam Hussein (see chart 4) (December 13 at 8:26 p.m. near Tikrit, Iraq) shows the Moon rising in Leo at 15°25', on the Aries Point (by 135° aspect). [6] The chart for the beginning of the Iraq War on March 20, 2003 has stationary Pluto at 19°56' Sagittarius, conjunct the Midheaven at 21°10' Sagittarius. The Sun at the time of Hussein's capture (see chart 5) is exactly conjunct the Iraq War chart's Midheaven, and Pluto has come back to 19°48' Sagittarius. [7] There are many other connections between the U.S. Sibly chart, George W. Bush, and Hussein's capture. For now, I think it's noteworthy that the Moon of the event is rising and on the Aries Point.

(For the curious: I posted a bi-wheel (see chart 6) here for the beginning of Saddam's reign - using a sunrise chart - and the time of his capture.)

References and Chart Data

1. Tony Blair, May 6, 1953; 6:10 a.m. BST; Edinburgh, Scotland (55°N57', 03°W13'); AA: birth certificate.

2. Michael Harding and Charles Harvey, Working with Astrology, Consider, 1998, p. 435.

3. See The David Kelly Story: Dark Actors Playing Games

4. Sheila Hartney reports on StarCats about asking Dean his birth time at a party (http://starcats.com/dean.html).

5. Al Gore, March 31, 1948; 12:53 p.m. EST; Washington, D.C. (38°N54', 77°W02'); AA: birth certificate. Howard Dean, November 17, 1948; 7:21 p.m. EST; New York, NY (40°N43', 74°W00'); X: Birth time unknown/unconfirmed; source: media reports. Progressed composite chart for December 14, 2003.

6. Saddam Hussein captured, December 13, 2003; 8:26 p.m. BAT; Tikrit, Iraq (34°N36', 43°E42'); source: New York Times, Dec. 15, 2003.

7. Bi-wheel. Inner wheel and house cusps: U.S. air attack reaches Baghdad, March 20, 2003; 5:35 a.m. BGT; Baghdad, Iraq (33°N21', 44°E25'); source: The New York Times online, March 20, 2003; outer wheel: Saddam Hussein captured, December 13, 2003; 8:26 p.m. BAT; Tikrit, Iraq (34°N36', 43°E42'); source: New York Times, Dec. 15, 2003.


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